Queen's University Class of 2025 Decisions

Post your 2025 updates here!

When do decisions start to come out? My daughter submitted her application on November 22nd. Her transcripts took awhile to get to the school (she’s applying from the US), but curious to see how long decisions take.

My daughter just got accepted in the Arts and Science program!

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I just got into the Bachelor of Arts program! I’m a US student btw

Congratulations! We live in the US, but my daughter is a dual CDN/US citizen.

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Congratulations! My daughter is a dual citizen as well. We are hoping to hear soon!

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Our D just got notified that she has entry to both Arts and Sciences and Engineering and has been awarded a Chancellor’s scholarship. Canadian citizen living in New Zealand.

Congratulations to her! My daughter received her acceptance to Kinesiology and Science yesterday. Still waiting on decision for Health Sciences. She was given the Presidential’s Scholarship, so she is quite happy! (She’s a Canadian citizen living in the New England)

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Thanks she was really pleased as she didn’t really think her chances of a scholarship were that high not living in Canada! We don’t actually know that much about Queens - but did visit McGill a few years ago. Queens looked like it might provide a good experience for a student a long way from home. Have you visited it? Has your student applied for other Canadian universities too? Our D has applied for UBC and McGill and a dual degree UBC/Sciences Po in France.

Does anyone have an idea when Commerce decisions will be released?

My daughter has been accepted, but hasn’t been able to visit Kingston or the University. We are worried about the border crossing/quarantine (although we are Canadian citizens). Do you think that the kids will have to quarantine when the go in September? Any thoughts?

We are in the same boat here, so I have been following Canada’s vaccine rollout closely. I find the best source is the Globe & Mail (link below). Officially, Canada’s on target to get vaccines to everyone by September, which would suggest there would still be some covid-related protocols in place for the fall semester. However, all the news reports suggest everyone should have their first shot by the end of June, in which case the fall semester might look pretty normal. I’m also hopeful that Canada may get some additional vaccines in the spring from the US, which should speed up the rollout even further. Fingers crossed!

We are also very interested in this. Daughter (Dual National Canadian from New Zealand) has been admitted to Queens and McGill. She would be arriving by air, not land but we are keen to know of her brother living in NYC would be able to help her with her arrival.