Quest: "Upload Documents"; very late (mid-May!?!) notification of admission/rejection

DS is a Canadian citizen living in the US. In January he applied on a 105D application to the University of Waterloo Faculty of Maths for Computer Science with Co-op, but has not heard anything yet. SAT and ACT scores were sent in 2015. There is nothing in Quest indicating receipt of test scores. Transcripts were sent in January (via an electronic service required by his high school). His Quest account shows that no documents have been uploaded. It has now been 34 business days since he sent his transcripts, much longer since his test scores were sent, and his Quest account does not reflect that any documents have been received (other than the OUAC application and the AIF). Should we be concerned about this?

Second question: UWaterloo’s website says that they send letters of admission as late as mid-May. The other two schools he’s applied to (in the US) require enrollment deposits by May 1, though. Waterloo is his #1 choice, but if he doesn’t hear anything by the end of April, we’ll have no choice but to pay a deposit elsewhere – and lose it if UWaterloo ends up accepting him a couple weeks later. Is there some way we can speed things up so that we don’t lose a chunk of money unnecessarily?

This is incredibly frustrating to us.

Don’t be concerned. I though I had the same problem so I emailed the school. they don’t show that test scores have been sent, and there is nothing under my documents uploaded. However, it does show that my transcript has been received. If i were you, I would just email the school to make sure that everything is in.

I haven’t been able to find any way to speed up this process. I was told I will receive an answer by June.

I am and American high school student in the US

Thanks for your response, cutie97.

An answer by June? That’s alarming, considering schools in the US require a deposit by May 1!

If you’re still monitoring this thread - acceptances for computer science went on the portal last night.

For others reading this in future years, it sometimes helps to send an email to Waterloo to explain the situation and ask to know your decision. D16 tried this, but they didn’t have her calculus score until the first week of May, otherwise she may have got an answer before May 1.