Questbridge College National Match Chances

Hello! I am currently a junior interested in applying to competitive top-tier schools. I plan to apply for the Questbridge National Match but I am unsure of my chances based on my transcript:

Freshman year: 4 honors courses
Sophomore year: 5 honors courses 1 AP
Junior year: 1 honors course 7 APs
Predicted Senior year: 1 honors course 6 APs 2 Dual Enrollments

The problem lies in that I’ve only taken 3 AP exams so far as I missed the registration deadline for 5 of my junior AP classes (I was placed in those classes in late November).

I plan to take the exam for all of these missed APs but that’ll be in May of my senior year.

TLDR; What are my chances for Questbride National Match with 3 official AP exam scores.

Your QB matching chances will be primarily based on GPA, rigor, SAT/ACT score, and level of financial need. It’s ok that you won’t have AP test scores.

There is little reason to take the junior year AP tests a year after you finished the class…you would want to prioritize your senior year AP tests.

Maybe if you would get college credit for good scores on the junior year APs you could take them (you will know to which college you are going before then), but again I wouldn’t spend time studying for them if that studying would take away the time spent on preparing for the senior year AP tests.

As a rule, around 38%-40% of the applicants are selected as finalists.

Of the finalists, 18%-20% are matched with a college for a full ride scholarship.

Another 32% are accepted to a QB college with the standard financial aid that the college offers applicants with that student’s EFC. Most QB colleges are full need met.

So around 6.8% - 8% of the applicants will get a full ride QB scholarship, and another 5.8% - 6.4% will be accepted to a QB college with very good financial aid.

Overall, around 12.6% - 14.4% of QB applicants will be accepted to a QB college.

In general, finalists have a high GPA and test scores, are at the top of their class, and are low income.

I do not think that your AP scores are all that important, so long as you did well in the class. That being said, every bit of evidence for academic excellence will help you.

Good luck!

The profile of finalists from the QB website: