QuestBridge College Prep Scholars 2021

I know there’s like 4 days until the application is due but I haven’t seen a topic so far on this on CC so i thought i would make one :]


hey! i just submitted mine and have been so relieved lol

quick question - do you know what the list of programs are under college preparation?

oh my god really </3 i haven’t started on any of the writing things, was it hard for you? i have everything else done.

i think they should just be programs that you have entered before that might have helped for prepping for college? boys & girls club is included in it too but if you haven’t done anything like that, then you probably don’t have to worry about it

It’s a lot of writing. Like, so so much writing, it was so tiring! But you have two days, so you can probably finish it within that time. So I recommend you get that done ASAP!

As for the college application subheading, I was asking because I was looking for more stuff to apply to, yk how it is.

i already know how tired im gonna be. screams

yes LOLZ. but good luck on your apps anyways !! im sure u did great :]

that app legit took a while because i really wanted to give thoughtful responses bc there were so many writing portions xD but aaaa im nervous

its due tonight omg… best of luck to you !! I’m still writing some of my responses LOLZ but i have the main writing portions and the rest of the info done

ahaha i already finished my app 9 days ago but i did spend a lot of time on it but the wait for the decision will be excruciating :confused:

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it’s gonna be painful but hang in there bestie !! i believe in you

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thanks bestie i believe in you and the others as well!


tysm!!! im sure you’ll have a chance of getting in too! fingers crossed


the wait is so so so long - we don’t find out until the end of next month, and the applications for the summer programs/awards until the beginning of june

They get so many applications but it’s good they use a holistic approach but still I’m so nervous aaaaa and anxious

@chrysallis26 only one month </3 we can do this besties !!

UGH its so scary i can’t do this

do you guys know when application results come out

hey !! i heard its around late april so at most in 2 to 3 weeks :]

its taking foreverr :frowning: :sweat:

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unfortunately, we are still waiting ahh