Questbridge finalist chances

Hey! As I am starting writing my questbridge essay, I started browsing CC for past stats of Questbridge finalists. I realized many of the finalists are top 1% or top 10% of their class. I go to a big, competitive school in Bay Area, and it is hardly I could make to the 10% rank. right now I have a UW GPA 3.93. *I do have extenuating factor impacting my class performance that I would put on my application.

Should I even be trying QB?

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If your family income is less than $65k, you should apply. I would caution against explaining why a 3.93 uwGPA has been impacted by negative circumstances, regardless of class rank.

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Yes! Apply! QUESTBRIDGE is an amazing opportunity!

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thank you for replying back. Four my sec semester junior year, I was diagnosis with disease and dropped 2+ courses. Other than that, I am a straight A student all throughout my 9-10 and 1st semester 11th grade. Should I still be mentioning the “negative circumstances?” *My school does not have ranking.

QB is probably the best place to mention extenuating circumstances. much better than common app afaik. I’m a QB CPS scholar and going to apply to NCM so good luck :] I think you have a great chance for finalist !


Thank you! Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

What’s your test score. The test profiles of finalists are much lower than regular university admissions.

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Don’t be misled by how that test info is written on that page, nor does it give an average score, or mid-50% range.

All QB partners are test optional again this year (several are test blind), so applicants do not have to submit a test score.

Further, similar as in non-QB admissions, QB finalists with very low income (the majority) and/or URM status do receive consideration on their test scores, so should submit scores that may be lower than average (they should consult their GC and/or QB staffer for proper guidance).

ORM QB finalists often have very high test scores.

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Thank you y’all. To clarify, it is highly possible I may be going test optional. I signed up for the Aug test tho. So, Am I academically qualified if I am a student with 3.93 UW(non-top 10%) and test optional.

75% scored 27 or better - I mean, that means 25% scored less. They obviously submitted. Yes, you don’t know who scored 36 vs. 28 but to me it says a lot. In essence the 25th percentile is 27.

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25% might have applied TO, it’s not clear, at all. Have you ever worked with QB applicants?

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Yes, you are academically qualified with a 3.93 uwGPA.(again, I would not use essay space to explain a couple of Bs. If you dropped classes due to difficult circumstances, have your GC cover that).

The most important thing is that your family income be below $65K….is that the case?

Further, most finalists have EFCs of zero, or close to it. Calculate an estimated EFC at collegeboard: Expected Family Contribution Calculator

Are you a URM?

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I have not. I’m simply saying that is the # they put out there. Of those who submitted scores, 75% had at least a 27.

So if they OP gets a 30 or 32, etc., it would seem to me they have a chance.

What you are saying is no different than a regular person applying TO.

They gave a data point and I simply repeated it.

Just like they say the average GPA is 3.9 (doesn’t mention weighted or not so would assume not weighted), that 93% have household income under $65K, and that 84% get lunch benefit.

Not sure the point you are trying to prove here.

If the student gets a 25 on the ACT, of course they won’t submit. If they got a 30, why wouldn’t they?

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Whatever you do, don’t talk yourself out of the opportunity that QuestBridge will give you. Apply and if you are not a fit you will not be a finalist. It is that simple. I have seen people that were not QestBridge finalists that still were able to get into a QuestBridge school with all of their need met. Also, I have seen people who had a a larger family and their income was over 65,000 and they became a finalist. They were still Pell Grant eligible. They were not matched, but they received incredible offers from 13 of the QuestBridge schools…with all of their financial need met. QuestBridge is a lot of work, but it is an amazing opportunity. It also is a great way to learn and fall in love with some of the best colleges and universities that our country has to offer. Good luck!