Questbridge/HYPS/LAC Chances?

<p>Currently a Junior. Applying to Questbridge College Prep Scholarship, and eventually to the schools I'll list after the stats. Parents and friends are being EXTREMELY optimistic about my chances due to March SAT scores, but I'm having serious doubts. Chances?</p>

<p>GPA(Florida weighted): 4.19
GPA(UW): 3.96
Rank: N/A, school does not rank (would otherwise be top 5%). Private School.</p>

<p>SAT I CR:800
SATII Chemistry: 740
Biology: 760
World History: 790</p>

<p>AP Tests:
(Freshman) Human Geography: 5
World History: 4
European History: 4</p>

<p>Currently prepping for AP Lang&Comp, USH, and Environmental Science.</p>

<p>All Honors and AP classes every year, all A's and B's. All A's sophomore year, but one C of some sort this semester in Physics :/ (is that a deal-breaker?).</p>

<p>Extra-Currics (the source of my pessimism):</p>

<p>NO LEADERSHIP POSITIONS THUS FAR! Just wanted to get that over with as quickly as possible. Have at me, crucify me.</p>

<p>-Minor roles in theater 9
-Pre-Law Honor Society 9,10
-Mu Alpha Theta and Math Competition Team member 9,10,11-- consistently team 1 in subject, several team and school awards
-National Honor Society 11,12
-Spanish Honor Society 11,12
-Extensive Peer Tutoring (i.e., hundreds of hours) 11,12
-Florida State Senate Page
-EPGY Summer Program, FWIW
-TIP Summer Program, FWIW </p>


<p>-Low-income household. Private school is due to Dad's teachery.
-Probable "best-in-career" recommendation from geography/law/history teacher I've had 3 three years running.
-Since the chance at QB is so low, I'll most likely spend the summer taking a course at CC in Anthropology and volunteering for Democratic presidential nominee.
-Aspiration toward anthropology or related topic.</p>

<p>School List:
New College of Florida

<p>And I guess most of the Ivies?</p>

<p>Thanks for the chances, I'm guessing the truth lies somewhere between the boundless optimism and self-deprecation.</p>

<p>Are you an URM and have a low income? Because if not, then good luck. But from what I can see, you have very good chances for the Questbridge thing, especially if you have some sort of story to tell like what adversities you went through.</p>

<p>Well, I am low-income, but I'm not URM. Also, not so much with the adversity. QB is pretty much a shot in the dark at this point, I'm not sure why I'm still brothering with the app.</p>

<p>Bumpth the raven, "Nevermore"</p>

<p>bump? still no response.... am i doing something wrong?</p>

<p>Wow. I might as well not apply to QB. You have like nothing to worry about! W/ near perfect stats and low-income status you stand a really good chance. but the only thing that could possibly work against you is your school (private) and lack of adversity. IMO, you could get into HYPS and most schools on your list w/o applying for QB (most of those schools advertise 100% need-based aid, anyways)</p>

<p>Thanks, vicky. bumpbump for another opinion?</p>

<p>Thats pretty damn impressive and with low income status you will have the edge on many other students you'll compete with. Good a shot as anyone my friend.</p>

<p>Say, any freshly post-rejection seniors willing to pop in and offer up some jaded pessimism to balance out the lovefest? Also, a last and heartfelt BUMP.</p>

<p>Oh right-- add to ECs a First Place District Literary Fair. And a bump.</p>

<p>I think for QB you'll probably get a conf invite or something along those lines at least. Definitely recommend you use QB for college match in the fall (despite the trillions of essays). Your stats are good at the rec should be awesome so all it's pretty much all gonna come down to essays.</p>