Questbridge National college match 2019-2020

Today is August 07, 2019.
I made this discussion/forum for everyone applying to the Questbridge national college match (2019) to come together and have a good discussion about literally ANYTHING college-related.

Also, look in the comments down below in case we happen to make a discord chatroom or something.

Good luck to everyone!

Testing. Hello. Hello.

Hi! Saw you on reddit :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Are we making a discord?

Some colleges are on QB and on Common APP , both. Can I apply through both these channels ? Which one will get more priority ?
Like: University of Pennsylvania, Stanford & Yale.

@cadiboy you probably already know the answer to this by now, but you canot apply both to the same school. You may want to review the FAQs on the questbridge website.

Hey everyone! Reminder that applications are due in four days!

Decisions are released in 3 weeks! :0

@123456789111 in 3 weeks??? damn

Do you know how it’s possible that 15,000 applications can be funneled to 5,000 in three weeks? That is SUPER fast! How do they do it? Is there like a “filter?”

Yeah I was wondering that too! They do hire readers, but I hope it’s not a “filter” based on income or stats. I’m sure they have someone read through everything in each application submitted. Good luck!

Just submited!

Good luck everyone! I, too, wondered about this October 16 announcement date. I looked back on the QB site and it says FINALISTS are notified. I think this is likened to making it through a Round 1. Then finalists submit match requirements and Match Day - the big one! - is December 2.

True, but I guess the question is how they decide which 10k students to cut in about two and a half weeks to announce Finalists.

Yeah . . . Fingers crossed ??

Ya, three weeks seems like a very short time. I wonder if they start reviewing the application that were already submitted before the application deadline.

What time of day do you guys think the results will come out on Oct. 16?

12-1 pm

@123456789111 I sure hope so, that would be nice. Do you know what time zone?

Probably pacific