Questbridge National College Match Results 2018-2019

Hey guys, I wanted to create a thread for the 2018 College Questbirdge Match since I didn’t see one. I am a current finalist and I wanted to see who else was one and if you guys get in or not, I will update my results and I hope you guys do the same as well.



SAT I (breakdown): 1340 (680 math and 660 reading/writing), didnt study, if i studied could get 1500ish
ACT (breakdown): N/A
SAT II: Didnt study as well becasue I just wanted to use my sat fee waiver; Bio(670), Math(630), US History(640)
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): N/A
AP (place score in parenthesis): Bio(4), US(4), Spanish Lang(4), World History(5)
IB (place score in parenthesis):N/A
Senior Year Course Load: AP Environmental, AP Statistics, AP Calc AB, AP Government, HN Physics 1, HN ENglish 12
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): AP Scholar, Honor Roll, Mickey Moore for 4.0 gpa, Academic Letter for 3.8+gpa, other school awards, soccer scholarship to play for club, etc.


Extracurriculars and Volunteer/Community service: Volunteering, pioneered feeding homeless campaign kitchen at community center, help teach little kids, sports, EMT training and volunteer at Fire dept, extracurricular clubs and academic clubs, in 4 different honor societies.
Job/Work Experience: Internship at Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center
Essays (rating 1-10, details): Questbridge and Uchicago essays and supplements 10/10, other school supplements 8-9/10
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details): AP US History teacher rec 10/10, AP Bio teacher rec 10/10. AP Spanish teacher rec 10/10. Counselor Rec:10/10
Additional Rec: N/A
Interview: N/A


Intended Major: Neuroscience B.S. with Pre-med track
State (if domestic applicant): VA
Country (if international applicant):
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: exact $39,000
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): First gen, father got shot at work and we almost went homeless.

Reflection: Ir’s funny because I want going to apply to QB in the first place becasue I thought that I wouldn’t get in. Questbridge places a great emphasis on writing and I think that is why I got in becasue my essays were relatively fair. It took me like a couple hours to write and finalize them. The stressful part is the waiting for Match day on Dec 3.

Strengths: Great essays and rec letters. Decent academic profile.
Weaknesses: Dont know really, and I’m not saying this to make me look cocky and whatever, I just cant think of anything right now.
Why you think you were accepted/rejected: Probably because of the support from my teachers in the form of rec letters and through my essay writing abilities. I like to twist words into stories and I have had a lot of things affect my upbringing. I also was a decent candidate academically.


Hi. I’m the parent of a daughter who’s a finalist as well. This has been a family effort. I think I’m more anxious than she is! We just hope she gets matched so this can all be over - very stressful for everyone. Schools ranked: UChicago, Princeton, Northwestern, Duke, UPenn, Columbia, MIT, and Yale; Her stats: 1400 sat - 700 m/700 e, 3.8 gpa, President and founder of 4 clubs, 3 strong recs. We’ll see! I wish everyone the best:)

On another note, they have the regular decision form available on QB portal. They also sent by email. My daughter has already filled hers out just in case. I strongly recommend you do the same. They say that most of the finalists get picked through regular decision. So not the end of the world if not matched:)

Thanks for responding! Those are some great schools and stats, I wish you and your daughter the best. I am not too worried about not getting in or not and if I don’t match then I will not be doing regular decision but will attend somewhere closer to me just because I don’t want to have to pay a lot of money. I do, however, feel that I maybe will match with one or two, but I can only hope for the best!

My D is a finalist.

She is homeschooled, so no rank and no AP classes, also no SAT II tests. She’s in NHS and her college honors program. She was a finalist for military child of the year and is also a JKC young scholar. She’s completed research at a 4 year university and completed a college semester abroad. She’s a state champion athlete in three (related) sports and is team captain. She also launched a new state program for one of her sports. She’s done a semester school. She has over 400 hours of community service and is a published artist.
4.5 W GPA
4.0 UW GPA
31 ACT
48 DE credits (4.0)

Her recs were most likely 10s- her research advisor for UConn and her language teacher who has taught her for years. I am not sure what to rank her essays. I wrote her GC rec and like to think it’s well done.

She ranked Haverford and UPenn. We aren’t expecting a match but Haverford has been her number one choice for some time now (she’s visited four times!), so it would be nice!

Good luck to everyone!