QuestBridge nonfinalist

<p>I have a question:</p>

<p>I am not a QB finalist but I received a letter from Pomona a week ago telling me to fill out the "Admissions Program Selection" form for QB applicants (blue) along with $65, official test scores, etc. Do I still have to fill out everything else? Supplement, Common App, Pomona's other forms?
When are their offices open! I cannot find the info anywhere on their website... =(</p>

<p>alyjenn, I don't know anything about Pomona's holiday schedule but from the Pomona Regular Decision table at the QB site, it appears you need to fill out all the normal application papers for Pomona (Common App, supplement, etc.). Here's a link to that table: QuestBridge</a> National College Match - Regular Decision Table</p>

<p>In clicking on the Pomona links from the QB regular decision table I went to the Pomona financial aid site and ran across some interesting information. For families with incomes below $40,000 who file Form 1040A or Form 1040EZ Pomona requires only the FAFSA, not the FAFSA and Profile. See Pomona</a> College This is for all applicants, not just students who did QB. That is really nice of them as it avoids having to pay the Profile fee.</p>

<p>But the letter I received is awkwardly worded. It says:</p>

<p>"In order for the Admissions Committee to review your application, we need you to complete and return the enclosed Admissions Program Selection form. Additionally you will need to submit [$65, SAT, transcript]..."</p>

<p>It makes it seem like I don't need the CA or the supplement... but the QB chart states that I do... </p>

<p>thanks though, 2blue!</p>

<p>alyjen, they should be there. I found an admissions office schedule here Pomona</a> College : Admissions : Visiting Pomona College and the office is open from Dec. 26th till 3 p.m. on Dec. 31st and then reopens on Jan. 2nd.</p>

<p>I was able to locate the schedule by googling "pomona admissions office closed."</p>

<p>I was a QB finalist. Does anyone know how this affects our chances if we apply ED II?</p>

<p>I would think it would be a boost. I've never looked at Pomona's financial aid policies but be sure you have prior to applying anywhere ED. If a school accepts you ED and determines that they have met your financial aid need then you are locked into going there, even if you and your family aren't happy with the financial aid policy. </p>

<p>Just quickly checking Pomona's site right now, I see they are no longer requiring students to take out student loans (See Pomona</a> College : News@Pomona) Info on typical FA packages can be found here: Pomona</a> College . They link to a calculator you can use to get an estimate of what your family will be offered here Pomona</a> College and say they do modify the calculations.</p>