Questbridge Regular Decision?!?

Hello! I am a Questbridge Finalist who was not selected as a mat h scholar (I only ranked one school so I was not expecting too much). Is Questbridge Regular decision worth it? Or is it more competitive than going through common app?

Thank you!

yes, I believe it is. Also, depending on the school, you can only apply through Questbridge ( princeton comes to mind). For those that give you the option of QB or Common App, just pick the one you think is better

** edited to add that the majority of Questbridge scholars get in during Regular Decision.

The number of QB finalists who are accepted to a QB partner is higher than the admission rates of almost all the colleges to which they are accepted, and sometimes substantially so.

About 16% of all finalists are matches, and 37%-40% of the remaining finalists who are not matched are accepted RD to a partner college.

So yes, it is definitely worth it.