When should one start the QuestBridge app for the national college match?

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Thank you!

ASAP! It is due September 28th.

Is it a long process?

Yes, it has many detailed short answers and essays. It is not something to do at the last minute. But it can be good preparation for your college applications and some of the partner colleges will use the application instead of a regular application. All the colleges will see the application as well as anything else you are sending so write it with care. I am not sure the application is open yet. Check the website for details, why ask here when there is a direct website?

Also please check out the forum for Questbridge here

@BrownParent I don’t have a lot of guidance with this whole college process and I needed further clarification. I did go to the website, but I was not sure I understood the process. I plan on starting next week though so thank you all for your help!

As always, the answer is … yesterday! Since that is not possible, it should be today. On a realistic note, this is a process you should start at your school on the first day of school. Work with your GC and identify teachers who might have done it before. You will have to rely on your school --unfortunately as that is – for a number of documents.

You cannot change your grades but you can work wonders with your essays. Pay attention to the future deadlines for supplements as they will pile up in case your proceed to the second round. It is extremely important to work hard on your essays and that takes time. Few people are great writers but everyone can become a great editor. Pay closer attention at what is shared on CC about essays and do NOT rely exclusively on your family, friends, and especially not on teachers who have usually NO experience in what constitutes great scholarship essays. The worst advice will probably come from your English teachers!

By the way, the instructions are not hard to follow and the posts of prior years should be very helpful.

@xiggi Yeah I understand they aren’t hard to follow but my biggest problem was making sure I don’t miss anything. I’m very anxious because I have little guidance with this process. My grades are decent (within the top 1% of my class for ranking) and I will work hard on my essays! I just cannot get in contact with my guidance counselor until the first day of school so I’m anxious…

Well I agree the website is not laid out that well. Here is the page that shows what you will need to apply

On that page is a Start The APPlication button. Click and register.

Thank you @BrownParent
What should I do if I can’t get in contact with my guidance counselor until early September? Should I just start and hope I’m doing it right?

Sorry I’m just really confused and nervous and anxious and all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure why you think you need your GC at this point. Did you register? That is the first step. Then you can look at the application.

Ok thank you @BrownParent ! If I start next week should that be ample time? I’m otherwise occupied this week otherwise I would definitely be starting now. Thank you so much! sorry if I sound stupid and ignorant lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry. Next week is fine. Please visit the Questbridge forum I gave you the link above, there are other kids in your shoes right here on College Confidential as well ask kids that have already been through the process last year posting.


Thank you! I took a look at it and read some things, but next week (when i have more time) i will definitely look at it in in more depth. You are very helpful @BrownParent and I am so grateful for your help. I hope I get accepted and get this application done right!

That is understandable. The good news is that you can find help on this site as well as QB directly. Start the application process, and you will find a lot of “hand holding.” The “start now” addressed the need to NOT delay working on your essays. The high school part can wait until the school starts.

That is what I meant with “On a realistic note, this is a process you should start at your school on the first day of school.” In simple words, use this time to click on the many parts of the QB site, read the past threads, and become an “expert” on the QB site. Within a few hours, you will feel more comfortable.

Fwiw, also adopt a healthy dose of patience during the process. The deadlines will come and the results will be posted in due time. There will be NO tea leaves to read and no specific indications of success or failures. Many students are looking for early signs and simply go … bananas!

Why would you wait until next week to register, and get started?

As mentioned, I am otherwise occupied this week, otherwise I would.

I have to say, I would at least push the start button and register. That should just take a few minutes, no more time than posting here.