Should I even bother applying through Questbridge?
My GPA weighted is a 3.9 and unweighted a 3.0 my SAT is 2140. Math:640 Reading: 760 and Writing: 740.
Sat subject test: Spanish 760 English Lit 740
I know my GPA is low but I have a good reason. My father is mentally ill and I’ve had to take care of him and I don’t have time to study for my classes.
I’m in my school’s Cambridge Academy which follows a curriculum from the Unviversitu of Cambridge. We take certain courses and taken exams in order to get the diploma. So far I’ve gotten a B in Global Perspectives, a B in English Literature and a B in General Paper. A B is equivalent to a 4.5 in AP (if they had a .5)
President and Founder of American Red Cross Club.
Youth Comissioner for my county
Intern for my town’s Vice Mayor
Photo-editor for my school’s newspaper
Managing editor for my school’s local yearbook.
I also attended a summer program at Georgetown Unevisity and took college courses.
I’m really passionate about politics and journalism and I really want to go to a good school. My family’s income is low and I know Questbridge is a great scholarship. Do I have a chance?

Yes, you do have a chance with Questbridge. They will let you explain your reasons for your low unweighted GPA. If you still are not too confident in how you explain your low GPA, then just make a very strong biographical essay.

Hi, I was a former Quest Bridge Scholar (or nominee? Read on, you’ll see my difficulty with the nomenclature) with an okay GPA (3.5ish), but a pretty high SAT (800/720). Applying for Quest Bridge- I felt as the emphasis was on your career focus and personal story. From what you’ve described, you sound like a possible candidate. However, important things to note:

  • Being selected for Quest Bridge does not guarantee you college admission.
  • The big Quest Bridge Schools are generally very competitive.

After being selected to Quest Bridge, I applied to only Quest Bridge Schools and was rejected (or waitlisted) from all. I was unable to get a suitable financial package for my backup. I got lucky as a salaried software developer for a few years before I actually headed to college. It’s smart to have a backup. In retrospect, I wish I had applied to more Scholarship programs.

You have nothing to lose, and the QuestBridge essays translate nicely into college apps. Go for it