Questioins about HSC?

I had some questions about Hampden-Sydney College.

  1. I am a very preppy guy, and am looking for a PREPPY posh college. I’m also, a deeply conservative Episcopalian. I’d be looking to major in Government(My ultimate goal Is to attend Harvard Law) so I’d need a strong Political Science program. Would HSC be a good fit for me?
  2. I know that Hampden-Sydney is all-male(I currently attend a mediocre all boys Catholic high school, and a lot of my friends talk about HSC) The problem is, at my all-male high school, all the kids seem to care about is athletics.(It’s all they talk about, and they genuinely discard their academics) While, I am a devout Boston sports fan, and I like playing sports sometimes for fun(I LOVE Crew), I am certainly NOT an athlete. My focus is on academics and politics. Does Hampden-Sydney have a strong academic community?(do you HAVE to be an athlete to have a good social life at HSC?)
  3. On the weekends, what schools do girls come from to visit HSC?(Do girls from W&L ever visit HSC)
    Thanks guys!

Not an HSC student but I have a number of friends there so I’ll answer your questions quickly.

  1. HSC is definitely preppy. Everybody there is preppy, but at the end of the day, thats not a great thing to judge a college based on. While you will be able to find other conservative Christians there, it's not exactly the norm. It's not clear from your post where you're from, but be aware that you'll be considered somewhat of an outsider if you aren't from the south.
  2. HSC has a fairly strong academic community, but much of the main focus is on partying or sports if you are an athlete. Academic rigor is not necessarily the biggest strength of the college. You don't have to be an athlete to have a social life, just join the right fraternity.
  3. Girls from Sweet Briar (an all girls school) and Longwood come to visit on weekends, but I don't know of any W&L girls who visit Sydney. Too many good parties in Lexington for them to come to HSC.

I’m a W&L student. The only girls from W&L that i know that have ever gone to HSC are b/c they had boyfriends there from home.

If a Hampden-Sydney guy went on to W&L’s campus on the weekend (to party, and maybe look for girls) would they be treated with respect?

Depends on the frat they go to.

With Sweet Briar closing at the end of the spring 2015 term, there will be ~500 fewer girls looking to party with guys from HSC.

If a HSC guy knew someone at W&L, he’d be welcome to tag along with that person at most parties there. He wouldn’t want to just show up without some kind of connection.