Question about 2010 supplement

<p>Hey everyone, quick question. On the supplement section of the common app, for NYU, it has three essay topics that you have to fill in. These three topics have a maximum of 500 CHARACTERS. Now, I thought originally that was 500 words, so I just wrote a 500 word essay today, but it seems that I was incorrect. Do they really want such a short response? or is the common app just being stupid/not working? That seems so short!</p>

<p>Thanks - hope someone can answer fast so I can continue with my app!</p>


<p>It's 500 characters.</p>


<p>Just checked with my son who filled out supplement last year and it should have had the same limit requirements. He told me 500 CHARACTERS, really short responses are required for the supplement. So be concise!</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses.</p>

<p>does that include spaces?</p>


<p>My son did not include spaces in his count. Also, while it is best to adhere to the 500 characters limit, I doubt they will penalize you if you go over just a bit. So don't overly sweat the exact count. (e.g., my son had gone over the limit for the Common App Essay by a little bit and it apparently was not a problem).</p>

<p>as i recall, you do have to fit it into the character limit, because you can't upload your own document to it. You have to write in the space on the application. Just do a draft first, so you have a saved copy. My D wrote hers directly on the application, was timed out when she hit submit, and lost all her text.</p>

<p>500 characters, that stinks. I wrote the first one already and its like 350 words, and its great too. I don't wanna cut it. :(
I wish they would have put that on the supplement sheet on the website.</p>