Question about 3/2 dual degree...

<p>hey, i recently got accepted into the 3/2 program and i am trying to figure out if the program guarantees the transfer to berkeley as long as you maintain the 3.2 gpa in the engineering classes at ucsc</p>

<p>any ideas where there are any stats about the students who go through the program??</p>

<p>any info would be great, or just pointing in the right direction</p>


<p>I'm wondering the same thing as you. Information about this program is hard to come by.</p>

<p>I actually heard that you must apply for a transfer in the same way that any other student would apply for a transfer... Meaning that you'd have to be at the same GPA level as those other students(3.8)</p>

<p>But I am not sure if this is who it goes...</p>

<p>I e-mailed a student currently in the program and this is what she told me:</p>

<p>"Dual Degree students are given roughly the same standing as junior transfers from California community colleges. That may sound bad, but it is actually a good thing. The way that I understand it, that means that while you are not guaranteed a spot, you are of higher priority than another student from outside the program. There is nothing in this world that will guarantee you a spot at Berkeley. Not even a perfect GPA. What will ultimately play a large part in if you get placed at Berkeley or not will be the engineering department you choose to go into. Some majors are more impacted than others and dual degree students only get spots if they open up through Berkeley students dropping out of the program."</p>

<p>That definitely does not sound so promising!</p>