Question about a-g courses!

<p>Which one of these do not qualify as a-g course?</p>

<p>Cisco Discovery(a class learning about IT and follows the Cisco Company's curriculum)
20&21 century Honors(a class learning about American history in the 20&21 century)
Health(a class learning about Stress and human/teen health, required for graduation in my State)
Guitar I&II(Non-profitable and never attend any community or sports event, just an art class learning guitar)</p>

<p>Also I took 6 honor classes during 10/11th grade: Geometry H(10) A/B, Algebra 2 H(10) A/A, World history Honors(10) B/B, Pre-Calc H(11) B/B, Chemistry H(11) A/Aand 20-21 cent H(11) A/A.I know the first 3 do not count as a 5.0gpa or certified Honors classes BUT my school/county Does not have the final policy so there's no requirement or advantage to take it, although you must take it if you have exceeded a number of lates and absences.So do my 11th grade honors count as 5.0? or I just took these classes(which are harder than regular classes, obviously) for nothing? Please reply.....</p>

<p>Are you from California? Try these. </p>

<p>University</a> of California - Counselors
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
<a href=";jsessionid=6A9FAFEA7F70D5F5219447192FF5A544?_flowExecutionKey=_c4A318845-FEDB-AC13-6F63-FE02CFC69272_k0A90EBDA-5737-1CD0-5D19-465748B68FAA%5B/url%5D"&gt;;jsessionid=6A9FAFEA7F70D5F5219447192FF5A544?_flowExecutionKey=_c4A318845-FEDB-AC13-6F63-FE02CFC69272_k0A90EBDA-5737-1CD0-5D19-465748B68FAA&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I don't believe your honors classes where taken for "nothing", but if it's not approved on the link as honors for your school, or you are not at a school in California, no official honors weight for "honors", but weighted for AP's.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply, But since I'm out of State and I could not find my school, I do Not understand those conditions especially about the Cisco class.</p>

<p>I'm going to say not health (required but not counted in California as well), but probably American History. Maybe Cisco could be an elective &/or practical art. Maybe guitar satisfies the performing art requirement. I guess your GC will have to call UC.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks</p>