Question about a incomplete college application?

<p>So I'm a CC student who started freshmen year during Fall 2009. I didn't want to go to a community college so I thought about transferring after a year. I applied around dec 2009 to 4 schools. I did get into one college but it wasn't my dream college. My dream college is Syrcause University.</p>

<p>Ok heres the thing. I got rejected from Baruch College since I only have 12 credits at that time. Binghamton rejected me. Got into Buffalo Uni, and I never completed the Syrcause process.</p>

<p>I completed everything for Syrcause, common application, 2 prof recommendations, the fees, financial aid. Just 2 weeks ago, I logged onto my profile, and it said my application was incomplete. They needed my final grades. My school term ended May 26 and grades didn't come in until today, May 31st. I really think my chances are extremely slim, especially this late.</p>

<p>So could I apply again for Fall 2011? By then I would have my A.S degree and better chances of getting in. What about my incomplete application for Syrcause? I tried writing them emails but they aren't answering me back.
Also if I could apply again, would i need two new prof recommendations? It was pretty hard getting the last two ones..=[.</p>

<p>At about 9:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow (Tuesday June 1), pick up the phone and call the admissions office. Ask the what is missing from your file other than your final grades. Ask what is the best way for you to get everything to them. Ask any other question about your specific situation that occurs to you. They are the only ones who can answer your questions.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best.</p>