Question about ACT and SAT and SAT subject tests

<p>When you apply
I heard of it as</p>

<p>You can turn in the ACT score</p>

<p>or you can turn in the SAT score, with the SAT subject test scores</p>

<p>Is that true? or do you need to turn in ACT with SAT subject tests as well?</p>

<p>schoos concerned:</p>

All Ivy League
Cal Tech</p>

<p>Go to the admissions page of those colleges websites and it will tell you what you need.</p>

<p>Ok for brown for example</p>

<p>"Brown requires every applicant for admission to Brown in 2009-2010 to submit results of either the SAT Reasoning Test and any two SAT Subject Tests<a href="except%20for%20the%20SAT%20Writing%20Test">/U</a>, or the ACT taken with the Writing Test option. </p>

<p>Its confusing</p>

<p>My son just did this, we took everything and submitted everything. haha... However, I think you can submit either the SAT or the ACT with writing and two subject tests. You would send in two subject tests whether you took the SAT or the ACT. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Go to the following site for a list of colleges that require recommend or consider SAT II subject tests. In the first column for those that "require" them you will see a number and for some colleges there is an * next to the number. The * means the college accepts the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT IIs. If there is no * next to the number in the "required" column that means the college requires subject tests even if you submit ACT:
Compass:</a> Admissions Requirements</p>

<p>In your case, the UCs, MIT and Caltech require IIs even if you submit the ACT. Stanford, as you will see, does not require SAT IIs, but recommends them and recommends them regardless of whether you submit SAT or ACT. Yale, Brown and Penn take ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT IIs; the other ivies require IIs even if you submit ACT.</p>

<p>^^ Wow. That's cool. I wish I had seen that last fall when my son was applying to schools. We did it right though. All the ones he applied to required two SAT II tests. :-)</p>

<p>Wow thank you drusba.</p>

<p>Also, if I take the ACT, and I am required to report the SAT subject tests,
Do I need to report my SAT reasoning results as well?</p>