Question about ACT vs SAT

<p>Hey guys, I recently went on some tours, and during the information sessions, all the colleges said something that wasn't quite clear to me. They said you can give either the SAT with 2 subject tests, or the ACT with writing. Does this mean that if you take the ACT, you don't have to submit the SAT subject tests?</p>

<p>Some, but not all, colleges that otherwise require Subject Tests will let you submit the ACT in lieu of that requirement and in satisfaction of the SAT/ACT requirement.</p>

<p>Go here Compass:</a> Admissions Requirements for a list of colleges that require, recommend or consider SAT subject tests. In the required column, you will see a number required and for some there is an * next to the number. That means the college takes the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT IIs. If there is no * SAT IIs are required even if you submit ACT. Also, the colleges in the recommend or consider column recommend or consider SAT IIs whether you submit SAT or ACT.</p>