Question about admissions

<p>So um..I am soon to graduate from high school. I've this common disease that only happens during senior year, which is senioritis. So, for this one class I have which is English, The first marking period was a C, 2nd was also a C, and my 3rd marking period is bound to be either an F or a D cause I just cut that class. With these marking period grades C,C,D or F. What would that conclude for my semester grade. I've also was accept to SFSU and will be attending next year. I am wondering what will happen if that semester grade turns out to be an D on my transcript, will they actually decline my admission?</p>

<p>okay I'm not too very sure, so don't take my word for this but, I know a couple of people who have been accepted to UC's and a couple of out of state colleges. A lot of them, during their senior year, started to slack off and got D's and F's on their 2nd semester of 12th grade. Even though they were already accepted into the schools, their admissions were dropped because they failed to keep their grades up. </p>

<p>I think there is a chance it might happen? But i think it varies from college to college.</p>

<p>Again, this is advice from a HS student, so don't take my word for it.</p>

<p>Oh god..This definitely got me spooked.</p>

<p>kweezy, you have very good reason to be spooked. You must have completed all A-G requirements with a "C" or better and graduate from high school to complete your CSU/UC eligibility. If you receive a "D" or "F" in your English class (FOUR years of English are required for your A-G courses) you will not be eligible for SFSU.</p>

<p>Many high schools (actually, ALL California high schools that I am familiar with...) also require four years of English, so an "F" may put you in danger of not graduating.</p>

<p>If you cannot pull the grade up, immediately contact the teacher to ask if there is anything you can do. Then see if you can repeat the course at your high school's summer session. If not, try to sign up at your local community college to repeat the English course over the summer.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>