Question about "Agora Portal"

<p>Just wondering, what date does it say for you guys who submitted your common app+supplement Jan 1st under “date received”?</p>

<p>Sorry for copying and pasting my direct reply buuuut....</p>

<p>Don't worry too much. A college like BC receives thousands of applicants of year. Combine that with all the requirements of a college application, that's hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper. You shouldn't expect BC to have all of those pieces of mail sorted instantaneously and noted as such in your profile. In fact, this process can drag out to February before you finally get that "all-clear." If there is anything missing from your application, BC will notify you and give you a chance to remedy the flaw. You're fine. </p>

<p>If you submitted your common app on time, you'll be noted as such. It just has to get through the system first.</p>