Question about Animal Bio and Enviormental program and math

<p>Ok so i have taken regular math courses throughout high school. Yes a very bad choice on my part and laziness in general. My question is, will this effect my chances at Davis and my performance there in a significant way? Or will working diligently be enough? Also i have not taken any physics, but have taken Bio AP and Physiology H.</p>

<p>What do you mean by regular? Not honors or did you stop at Algebra II or something? The former won't affect you much (especially if you're school doesn't offer that type of stuff) but the latter definitely will. I think four years of math (to pre-calc) is recommended. I personally took five and I'm an English major.</p>

<p>Not taking physics won't affect your chances if you took other sciences instead like Chem or AP Bio. I think two is the minimum and three is recommended, but you don't have to take certain ones. I took Biology, Physics, and Chemistry and one of my friends who was also accepted took Biology, Chemistry, and AP Biology.</p>

<p>ahh thats for the clarification. And my situation is the former, so its alright i guess.</p>