Question about AP scores

<p>If a school requests AP scores (along with transcripts), does it mean you have to send in all your AP scores, even if you did not pass? </p>

<p>The school has a website where it keeps track of my paperwork, but it did not specifically say that they needed a certain AP test from me (even though I had listed the AP test and score on my transfer update application couple months ago). As for transcripts, they specifically said they wanted this transcript from this school from this time to that and another transcript from another school from this period to that.</p>

<p>For example, I got a 2 on an AP exam. Is it relevant to send that in? Do I need to send it in? I've only taken one AP exam back in high school and it was that one where I got a 2 on. Some people say I don't need to send it in since I did not pass and will not get credit for it. Others say I should send it in because it is part of my "record". What do you think?</p>