Question about App..

<p>So I don't really have any work hours. and there is a place for work on and.... I asked my guidance counselor about this...
I am volunteering at the local library once every week. Can that count as work experience???? she said yes b/c it was just work not getting paid for..... anyways... I think it is better than those people who work at Mom's doctor offices or family businesses, right???</p>

<p>no, that would go in the volunteer hours section.</p>

<p>No, it isn't any better than working at a family owned business because you aren't "working" under the definition of the word. Besides, the university isn't likely to know whether your employer is a parent or a family business. They won't do that much investigating. If, however, it comes to the university's attention that you've lied about having a "job" you don't really have, your acceptance will be rescinded.</p>

<p>Thanks theloneranger. interesting perspective...
anyone else on this???</p>

<p>If I were you I would call UT to get a clarification. I think it's pretty unusual to put volunteer hours as work hours.</p>