Question about applying as an undergraduate student.

<p>Currently, I am not in college but I will be in my local community college for the Springt semester. After that, I am planning on moving out of state and the application to the college of my choice is due on November 30. When I apply to the out of state college, do I apply as an Undergraduate freshman or an undegraduate transfer? I have no college experience but I will have some by the time I move out of state for college. </p>

<p>My second question is, if I decide to go to a school that does not accept lower division transfer students, what will happen to my community college credits?</p>


<p>If you will have attended a semester at community college, then you would apply as a transfer to the out of state school. Even though you wouldn't have any grades to report yet, you still will have been a college student prior to attending the out of state school in the fall and you will (presumably) be transferring in your spring 2012 credits. </p>

<p>As for whether your credits will actually transfer...that differs by the school. Some credits might transfer to meet gen. ed. requirements. Others might transfer as merely elective courses to fulfill overall credit requirements. Some might not be accepted for transfer at all, which means they will not help you at your new school...but you will always have those transcripts and those grades, so if you would ever attend graduate school you would still report those even if they didn't transfer to the school you graduate from. If you don't go to grad school, then that one semester at community college probably won't mean much of anything unless you decide to go back to school.</p>

When I apply to the out of state college, do I apply as an Undergraduate freshman or an undegraduate transfer?


<p>The definition of a transfer applicant varies with the school, and ranges from one post-HS college class to less than a year of post-HS college. You have to go to the website of the school you are interested in and read their definition of a transfer applicant, there is no one-size-fits-all for this question.</p>

<p>Not too many schools would be picky about whether you put yourself as a transfer and then found out by their standards that you're not and just change that part of your app. It'd be worse to apply as a first-year and then they find out you took courses elsewhere that were transferable but not reported.</p>