Question about bathrooms in dorms

This is kind of a strange, and perhaps seemingly unnecessary, question to ask, but according to a female friend who went to Wheaton, but transferred out 2 years ago, there are no doors on the toilet stalls in at least some of the dorms (co-ed dorms?). To her, that was a big turnoff, or so she claims, and now my daughter, who is thinking of applying to Wheaton for 2017, is concerned.

Sooooo, could someone at Wheaton with personal knowledge of the bathroom situation please tell me what is really going. Is it really true that some or all dorm bathrooms have no doors on the stalls? I frankly can’t imagine this to be the case. But I need hard evidence to assuage my daughter, who is seriously considering not applying to Wheaton on those grounds. That would be a shame in my opinion, as Wheaton is otherwise a very good fit for her.

Thanks a lot,


Hey! Incoming Wheaton senior here. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in all the dorms at one point or another, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Some of the showers just have a curtain, but the ones in the dorm that I’ll be spending all four years at has a curtain, a bench to put your clothes, etc., a frosted glass door, and another curtain. The bathroom setups vary pretty widely from dorm to dorm, to be honest, but that being said moving out isn’t too difficult.