Question About Chemistry SAT II

<p>In the Barrons book charts are given for the colors of various things.</p>

<p>The colors of flames for compounds like sodium are given. </p>

<p>Colors of sulfide precipitates for compounds are given (ex: compound of lead gives brown-black colored sulfide precipitate). </p>

<p>Colors are also given for common sulfides (ex: ZnS is white, CdS is bright yellow)</p>

<p>My question I have to memorize these? If so, what's the most efficient way to memorize the colors? I am aiming for an 800. Also, I did not take AP Chem. I took Honors Chem last year and am reviewing everything now in Barrons (will use Priceton Review too).</p>

<p>I am almost a 100% sure you don't need to know the color of any precipitates/sulfides, a question on flame test for common metals might pop up, but not likely. There was none when I took it. I did not know any colors and I still got a 780.</p>

<p>Know the colors for the flame test...they're easy</p>

<p>Barium- Green (The Earth is Green and is full of Barrrium!)
Potassium- Violet (because violet's O'K')
Lithium - Red (favorite metal and fave color)
Sodium - Yellow (Na=Y... New York)
Calcium - Orange (CO... Carbon monoxide) </p>

<p>If you don't understand my acronyms, too bad.</p>

<p>Could you please post what sulfide colors there are? thanks a bunch, I will try to make acronyms for them.</p>

<p>@Greed Is Good
Hmm...those acronyms are pretty good. I think I'll actually remember them, except barium.</p>

ZnS - White
CdS - Bright yellow
As2S3 - Lemon yellow
Sb2S3 - Orange
CuS - Black
HgS - Black
PbS - Brown-black</p>

<p>I think Barrons is overdoing it with those though. And the sulfide precipitates.</p>