Question About Chemistry SAT II

<p>What is a good review book/website for learning molecular geometry and/or hybridization and/or sigma and pi bonds? I took chem honors last year, and Barrons doesn't explain that well. Princeton doesn't have hybridization or sigma/pi bonds.</p>

<p>Also, what all do I need to know for the laboratory questions? Does Princeton cover everything? If not, what does? Again, I hate Barrons because it expects you to memorize long tables and just doesn't explain well.</p>

<p>Aiming for 800, 750 minimum.</p>

<p>You can expect a 95% chance of questions regarding those topics will be completely absent from the test. That's completely a guess, and probably untrue in some way, but if there IS a question about that stuff, it would most likely require rudimentary knowledge, not an entire book/website worth of information. </p>

<p>I think molecular geometry is the most important of those topics, though.</p>