Question about CHM1025 (Intro to Chem).

<p>I signed up for the online class for some reason, and now I'm worried that I won't be able to switch into a live, lecture-based one. Can anyone say whether it's easy to switch?</p>


<p>If you can't find one the first week of school, go talk to the head of the chem department and tell them that you want to be in the live section. 90% of the time you will be able to.</p>

<p>My roommate took the online section and it's so much easier than the in-class section.</p>

<p>Save yourself and stay in the online.</p>


<p>According to my counselor, CHM1025 is only offered online</p>

<p>I was concerned about this last year too, but the online class is a breeze and way less demanding than the live session. Don't stress yourself stalking ISIS for a live session.</p>


<p>I'm adjusting my schedule and if I just search CHM1025 only the online section appears, but when I add section 6030 (lecture) it takes me directly to the page to add it. </p>

<p>The reason I want to take the live class is because they kept telling us at Preview that they strongly advise <em>against</em> online courses, especially for freshman and I'm afraid that if I take the online course I'll slack off and not do well because there's no one there to push me to get it done and whatever.</p>

<p>Still advising me to take it online?</p>

<p>Meet people that are taking it online in your dorm or something.</p>

<p>Help each other</p>

<p>"A" in the class.</p>

<p>Seriously you can finish the class in the first month of school and get it over with (not kidding)</p>


<p>^^ I met people at preview that are taking it with me online haha.</p>

<p>@UF2014: Word of advise. Sit down the first few weeks. Work HARD with each other. "Help" each other. Get it done in a few weeks and party the rest of the fall (well...not too hard ;) )</p>

<p><em>cough</em>set up proportions<em>cough</em></p>


<p>@gpowsang: thank you for the advice! we really can just do it all in advance?</p>

<p>You most definetly can. a friend of mine is taking it in the fall for an easy A and plans to get it done in the first 2-3 weeks.</p>