Question about college credit

<p>On my UC Tag app it says I have a total of 43 ASSIST Certified Courses and 17 Non-ASSIST Certified Courses giving me a total of 60. To transfer it says a minimum of 60 transfer units. Does that mean I need all 60 units to be ASSIST Certified Courses?</p>

<p>bump nobody willing to help?</p>

<p>Just make sure that 60 of the units are transferable. If transferable is all that entails, then yeah, you’ve got it right.</p>

<p>Are those 17 units considered non-UC transferable? My non-transferable courses ended up being listed as non-assist certified courses.</p>

<p>Yes my 17 units were listed under Non-Assist Certified. So does that mean I need to have all 60 units be assist certified?</p>

<p>I can’t give you a matter of fact answer, but I’d assume, yes, they do, because 99% of transferable courses seem to be certified under one or more areas of assist’s agreed upon GE layout (The bottom line, however, is that you need 60 UC transferable units, regardless of what area in the TAG they fall under). None of my 10 or so transferable classes were listed under non-assist certified. Only my non-transferable classes were listed under that category. So until you get a more factual answer, the safe bet (The one I’m taking) is that only the assist-certified courses should be counted towards your 60 units, because, again, almost all UC transferable classes seem to fall under the assist-certified category.</p>

<p>that sucks. so my 17 non assist classes dont even count for anything</p>

<p>count towards your personal growth, maybe</p>

<p>You have until the end of Spring to obtain 60 UC-transferable units in order to transfer on time as planned. I would suggest double checking ALL your classes on because once in a while they do make a mistake about one class not being transferable when it is or vice versa. There can be discrepancies between TAG and your real UC-transferable units also. Also, Assist-certified is a bit sketchy and vague in it’s description of exactly what it entails. It’s definitely worth it to look all this over because 59 units will cause a rejection.</p>