Question About Combining Degrees

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding college careers:

I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 10 years, and I’ve been writing fiction for longer than that. I’ve been searching for an online university with bachelor’s programs in Exercise Science and Screenwriting. I haven’t had any luck in finding an online university, or any university, that would allow me to combine both programs in any shape or form.

Is there any possibility I could do a major in Exercise Science while doing a minor in Screenwriting? I’ve looked into double majors, dual degrees, and even double degrees, but haven’t found anything that would combine Exercise Science with Screenwriting. My conclusion to this dilemma is to enroll into a full program for one career, while doing separate certificates for another.

If there is another way to combine both programs, or pursue both degrees in the same time, please provide me the information. I know FASFA would only cover one career at a time, but there has to be other grants and/or loans that would help me in my pursuits.

Thank You!