Question about Community College vs Technical schools (Please Help)

I want to obtain a job as a Electronic Engineering Technician, And in the future as I gain years in experience I wish to obtain a Production Manger job.

At first I was going to go to a community college called “san joaquin delta college” to get a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology but recently I heard that many employers do not hire people who went to community college and would much rather hire people who went to “Vocational–technical schools”.

The problem is that the Vocational–technical schools are VERY expensive, the cheapest one I could find was “hamilton technical college” and the tuition there is about $12,000 a year.

I don’t have a lot of money so I am worried I wont be able to afford going to a technical college, my question is is it really necessary to go to a Vocational-Technical school or would a Community College suffice?

Ask at the community college to give you names or connections from people who have graduated from their program and are currently working in the field. Contact those people and talk to them and feel out if any of those alumni could help you find work once you graduate.

Those connections may serve very well as you try to get work. If you cannot afford to go to a Tech school, then you should go where you can. Once you do get that first job that is the experience other employers will look for. Also try and get some type of internship or work while u are in school if you can, even in the summer so that you are actively applying what you learn.

It looks like from that there are no two year (associates degree) ABET accredited engineering technology programs in California, so if the employers are looking for associates degree graduates from ABET accredited programs, they are not getting them from either community colleges or other schools.

According to the ABET web site, Cal Poly Pomona is the only school in the state of California that has an ABET accredited four year bachelor’s degree program in electronics and computer engineering technology. Lots of schools in California have ABET accredited four year bachelor’s degree programs in electrical engineering or computer engineering, though. Obviously, for four year programs, you need to complete the first two years at SJDC, then transfer to a four year school. See if you want to target California public four year schools (UCs and CSUs).