Question about Community Service

<p>I interned for over 250 hrs- where can i show that for the college that ive done that much- cause i got a letter of recommendaton from a congresswoman but it doesnt say the hrs-</p>

<p>In your resume -- where you list all your extracurriculars. You should give hours for every EC you are involved in. Ie, hours per semester or per week, whichever makes more sense.</p>

<p>Wouldnt it be a bit weird if your writing 30hrs/week 8weeks?</p>

<p>how would that be weird? it's what they're asking for....</p>

<p>When I wrote up my EC time involvement, it went something like this:</p>

<li>Student newspaper; Editor-in-Chief; involvement: 15 hrs/week</li>
<li>New student orientation; Orientation group leader; involvement: 30 hrs/semester</li>
<li>Writing tutor for middle school students; 1 hr/day</li>

<p>So you see some things were explained in terms of involvement per week, day or semester. Whatever makes most sense.</p>