Question about Comp Sci for Haas

<p>If I want to take Computer Science online over the summer for Haas which college offers that? I know you can do it, I just don't know which college in the bay area it runs through. Diablo Valley College, Alameda College, Contra Costa College?? helpp</p>

<p>Just take Computer Science 3-61A. You can handle it.</p>

<p>Are you kidding.. you dont need CS 61a or CS 3... im sure you could probably handle those if you work hard enough.. but for Haas, just take IDS110, which is a piece of cake...</p>

<p>I don't like the attitude of taking all the easiest classes possible. You can get the "A" in 3 and 61A if you try (and I'm sure it looks better on your Haas application, too).</p>

<p>I dont like that attitude either... which is why I got tired of fighting for top grades in easy classes and decided to pursue something more challenging than Haas (not to say that getting in to Haas is an easy feat.. after all, you still have to get the good grades)... but the thing is, Haas could care less what classes you use to fulfill your requirements... thats just how things are.. and thats why soo many people take Math 16a when theyre really at a 1B or 53 level.. all they care about is the grade... thats why taking CS3 or 61a wouldnt be smart if youre doing business, unless you plan to do more CS...</p>

<p>It depends on what you value more: getting into Haas, or challenging yourself and learning for the sake of learning. In a perfect system the latter would be accounted for in the former, but with the system we have now you probably are forced into choosing one (unless you are very intelligent/hard-working and can earn good grades in any class). The latter is probably more respectable to most people but many choose the former. Some of us may not like it, but some people really are just here for the degree. They don't really care about taking hard classes or anything. And that's really fine if you think about it. No one says you have to take the hardest class possible.</p>

<p>I mean Haas even tells students to take an easier CS course or to take an easy CS course at Community College over the summer.</p>

<p>Oh I completely forgot about the summer! That's a good idea. I should really take some classes over the summer.</p>