question about Conn college.


<p>I am an intl transfer student and am thinking about apply to Conn college.</p>

<p>However, I don't have much information about Conn college and New London cuz LACs are not much famous in my country.</p>

<p>How's Conn college and New London???</p>

<p>How's Conn college's student body?? about the curriculum??
(I am planning to go to a law school after I graduate from undergrad)</p>

<p>Isn't New London is one of the boring places??
(I am pretty worried about that cuz one of my american friends says Colgate is located in one of the boring places in NY.)</p>

<p>and how's the weather in New London??</p>

<p>plz give me some information...:)</p>

<p>It is a beautiful school overlooking Long Island Sound (about 10 minutes from the beach). Its in New England, so you will have 4 seasons- the fall on campus is absolutely gorgeous- the school is a 750 acre arboretum, so you can imagine the foliage! Winters are cold, some snow, and spring is amazing. People usually go to the beach to study for finals!</p>

<p>The student body is a very friendly, closeknit community. It has a wide range of student "types"- you will have find groups of preps, jocks, artists, musicians, hippies, theater people, dancers, activitists, etc. In general people mix together very well, people usually leave their doors open to say hi to others walking down the hall.</p>

<p>Conn's academics are very strong, and there are many outstanding departments. Many many people go off to top notch grad and professional schools.</p>

<p>If you have other specific questions please don't hesitate to ask!</p>

<p>I heard from my friend and he said Colgate students cannot live off-campus cuz the school is located in the middle of nowhere..</p>

<p>How about Conn college??
Is it possible for a student to live off-campus??
If it is possible, how much time to go to the college by bus or car when I live off-campus??</p>

<p>98% of students live on campus for all 4 years, but it is possible to live off campus. there are college owned apartments across the street, and some students choose to rent houses right on the beach, about 10-15 minutes from campus.</p>

<p>are transfer students well accepted into the community?</p>

<p>^absolutely. there was a big article in the alumni magazine last year about a bunch of transfer students and how much they loved the school</p>

<p>this may be a seemingly unrelated question, but how do students from Conn coll go to hartford, i.e. through which means of public transportation? My friend has been accepted at conn coll , whereas I have been accepted at trin coll, so like how do we meet each other? please reply</p>

<p>and one more thing, i am an international student, so i wont be having any cars.</p>

<p>the bus/train station is about 10 minutes away from campus. there is also a ride board where people offer to share rides- hartford is a frequent destination.</p>

<p>Does Conn college have a well developed prelaw program??
I want to go to law school, esp NYU.</p>

<p>and how much time to go to the college on foot if I live off-campus??</p>

<p>and is Conn college close to NYC??...
How much time to take go to NYC by car/bus or train etc??</p>

<p>conn is great for prelaw- a ton of people go on to law school. just off the top of my head, i know people who are currently at law school at duke, uconn, michigan, cornell, bc, rutgers, georgettown, nyu, washu, vandy, bu.</p>

<p>its about 2 hours to nyc</p>

<p>Hi, do you happen to to know if there is any intl transfer student got aid from ConnColl in the past?</p>