question about cornell act superscoring- does a 32.5 superscored count as a 32?

<p>i took the act 3 times and my superscored score is 32.5, does that count as a 33 in terms of cornell admissions?</p>

<p>I'd call the office on this one.</p>

<p>Cornell superscores? Lame.</p>

<p>Does it matter? Both a 32 ACT= 1410/1600 SAT & a 33 ACT = 1460/1600 SAT, both of which are very strong scores with respect to Cornell admissions. Either score gets you into the same pile of applications, I suspect. Several ultra selective schools do, however, differentiate between a 31 ACT & a 32 or higher ACT because a 31 ACT equates to a sub-1400 SAT (31 ACT =1360 SAT). But, for Cornell, any score from a 30 ACT up should get your application a very serious read by the admissions committee.
P.S. Calling the admissions office on this question may not present you in the best light.</p>