Question about CUNY schools

<p>If I was interested in a major like Chemistry- which campus would be better, City or Queens? I always pictured City as being more of the sciencey place, but i dont know if it would matter for this major... I am trying to decide which campus to apply to for Macaulay Honors College. The only difference I am caring about between the schools this far is that Queens i can stay home (or dorm at City) and that i like the campus at Queens better</p>

<p>You might also want to look at Staten Island.</p>

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<p>I'm a QC student and even though the school has a campus, it's not that amazing unless you plan to do extracurriculars. I suppose this applies to any school. Do you plan to do extracurriculars, or just make the library your second home? If you plan to major in chemistry, do you plan to stay in CUNY until you graduate with your Bachelor's? If you're going to transfer, then I think it doesn't matter that much whether you choose Queens or City, but I'd go with City because like you said, it's recognized more for its science background. QC is a liberal arts-focused school, so keep that in mind. Don't make your decision based on your laziness so that you can stay at home, though I'm not accusing you of doing so.</p>

<p>Yes, I plan on doing extracurriculars. And no, I'm not lazy.. but staying home would help my parents out (rather than paying for dorming). </p>

<p>I've never had any plans about transferring, so I think I would stay at the CUNY school for undergrad. I am definitely thinking of grad or professional school, so I will see then what I will do.</p>