Question about deadlines

if an application deadline is December 30th does that mean by 23:59 on December 29th or by 23:59 on December 30th?</p>

<p>Of course it's best to turn it in a week before December 30, but I think in most cases it's by 23:59 on December 30th. Or at least, that's how it was with UChicago. Also, for colleges at least, I think they set deadlines like that as a general guideline. Of course it would be best to turn it in by that date, but they will, in most cases, accept material postmarked past that.</p>

<p>Be aware, this application season some posters commented that the online servers were extremely slow (so many people procrastinated!), and there was a panic in regards to whether the application would submit in time. In the days following the deadlines, there were numerous threads of people panicking because they realized they made a mistake in their application in their rush to submit. Also, be sure to keep time-zone differences in mind.</p>