Question about Dorming

<p>I have been accepted to Stony, as well as 2 of my really close friends. I want to know how does the dorming work? how many people and am i allowed to dorm with people i know upon request? or is it a random based thing? Also how is the safety on campus? i hear like someone came in with a gun and other stories. Is there any ridiculous things that happen? </p>


<p>You can have a triple, but most requests are for doubles. About safety, it is certainly not dangerous to walk around. I would definitely not feel safe walking around alone at night in shady areas and off campus, but the main problem I think would be with robberies and theft. For instance, I would feel extremely insecure leaving something valuable like a ti calculator on a library table to go to the bathroom. At my old school, people would leave laptops and other items unattended without problem. I used to leave my laptop and not worry since the crime/theft rate was very low and people were very trusting of each other. </p>

<p>Here a lot of students are commuters and from lower income areas of ny, so the theft and behavior tends to carry over onto the campus, I guess. So, as long as you keep your door locked, watch your belongings, and watch your surroundings, you should not have any problems.</p>

<p>frasifrasi - Where did you transfer from?</p>

<p>Look at my location...</p>

<p>If you have two friends and would like to request a triple, you can absolutely do that. You should be able to list each other (each of you list the other two) on your New Student Preferences form... if you can't figure it out, call Res Life and they'll set you up.</p>

<p>They love triple requests. Makes life much easier for them.</p>


<p>Are the rooms much bigger than doubles?</p>

<p>Some are standard triples, so yes; some are doubles that are temporarily converted into triples.</p>


<p>Tripling sucks if your roommates are not reliable friends. Trust me, I am still tripled and I hate it with a passion. I need to go to bed when my suitmates go to bed, even though I have early classes. So as result, I get 5 hrs of sleep daily, while they get like 7-8. I got the short end of the stick and when I complain the administration says it is my fault because I need to find ways to work it out and I suck at communication, even though my suitmates don't want to listen. The RAs and RHDs don't do anything and could care less. The Housing dept. is even worse. So pray for good roommates or else you'll be screwed in more ways than one.</p>

<p>^thanks for the advice, my roomates are cool if i decide to go to stony, ive known both for 3 years and there good people, were close so i dont think they would care about that. </p>

<p>Any advice on where to house? which are the best? advantages and disadvantages?</p>

<p>Roth and Tablar stand out because of their proximity to central campus. Roth is the only quad with ACs and also has workable wi-fi. In terms of dorm quality, it's decent, but could always be better. It is small and it is suite style. Tablar I cannot comment on b/c I don't and have never lived there. Spring '09 the Roth cafeteria will open up. Doubt it'll be edible there, but you never know. Hope this helped.</p>

<p>thanks, so what do u mean work-able wifi, you mean to say that in some dorms its impossible to connect?
and you doubt roth will be edible because its going to be new? (kind of confused sorry, theres much i dont know).
I see your from brooklyn, im from queens how long does it take you to get home?</p>

<p>None of the residence halls technically have wi-fi, but Roth is close enough to academic buildings that it might get some overlap.</p>

<p>Roth Cafeteria should be good; if Union Commons is any indication -- which I really enjoy -- then I'm looking forward to it.</p>


<p>oh ok cool, does Roth fill up really quick? i dont plan to make my decision for stony until probably, early-mid April. </p>

<p>Chris, are the dorms in roth bigger? i read from the site they are suite styles but i didnt get the part that says its shared with four to six people. My friend and I were planning to have something spacious and enough for everything. Is there any place i can see pictures of how the dorms in Roth are set up?</p>

<p>I think incoming freshmen don't get to choose which dorm they want to be in.</p>

<p>Yes, Roth fills up quickly. So does Tabler. Waiting until mid-April will be too late for both of those.</p>

<p>You don't get a choice of dorm, necessarily, but you do rank the quads -- by Undergraduate College -- in order of preference. The earlier you get your online New Student Preferences form submitted and your deposits paid, the higher you'll be on the priority list.</p>

<p>Roth isn't bigger, I don't think, but it's air conditioned, and it's closer to campus than the other quads, so it's high on everyone's priority list. Plus, it will have the new cafeteria this fall. Like I said, if you wait until mid-April, Roth (Science & Society) will be full.</p>

<p>If you go the Res Life Web site, you can click through the quads and see the amenities in each one; I don't know if the layouts are pictured.</p>


<p>^ yes i saw that, thanks a lot, just waiting for decisions to other schools and then i will go for it. Btw if im requesting a double with my friend, am i assured to get it? assuming ofcourse that we choose our quads in the same order</p>

<p>"Assured?" No. Hopefully? Yes. Make sure you submit everything around the same time -- that'll help.</p>


<p>If you go look on the solar system there is a way for you to room up with your friends. You each get a contract id, which is like another stony brook id. With this id you can form rooms with your friends, and such. You basically have to choose a person called a "proxy" which will be your leader in a sense. This "proxy" will send you all confirmations by using your id sent to Stony Brook. Once you all except the confirmation, you should all be pared up. This is what I get from what it was telling me at least.</p>

<p>oh nice! thanks a lot zuljian and sbuadmissions. HOpefully ill make my decision soon after i get the rest of my letters. Also lets say a freshman gets housing in Kelly, and the next year or something wants to request Roth is that possible? or are you with ur quad for the 4 years?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can switch quads. You will not be stuck with the same roommates for 4 years, unless you want to of course.</p>