question about drop fee deadline

<p>my bearfacts shows my "DROP ENROLLMENT FEE" is 10 dollars. what is the deadline for this fee?</p>

<p>on the website of Berkeley calendar, it shows the "Deadline to become officially "registered" (enrolled in classes, paid fees, no blocks). $150 Late Registration Fee charged to all students not officially registered by Feb 3."
does it mean I should pay this drop enrollment fee before this date???</p>

<p>Doesn't matter as long as you pay it off in a month or two (I delayed paying my Drop Enrollment fee for quite a while last semester through sheer procrastination, and nothing happened to me).</p>

<p>The February 3 deadline is for paying (at least 20% of) your tuition fees, which is in the thousands rather than $10.</p>

<p>Based on Add/Drop/Grading</a> Option Change Deadlines - Office Of The Registrar it's feb 17th (I'm double enrolled in 53 and H53 and am pushing it until then...)</p>

<p>I just dropped a decal I didn't need and Telebears says there's a $10 charge for dropping (past deadline Jan 27th) before asking me if I want to proceed. </p>

<p>Feb 17th is the last day you can drop a class w/o notation on transcript, add/drop a class w/o having to go through the Dean.</p>