Question About Early Ws

<p>Around 2007, as a high school sophomore, I enrolled in the Community College I now attend to take a chemistry class. I wasn't really prepared for it and I ended up withdrawing from the class within the first few weeks. It doesn't show up as being on my transcript now. Plus, last semester (my first real semester at college) I dropped a physics class within the first few weeks (I was taking 20 units and wasn't prepared for the workload after slacking off in high school). This doesn't show up on my transcript either. I've since withdrawn from one more class, very late in the semester. Do I need to report the first two Ws when I apply in November? I have a 4.0 GPA from last semester and I believe I'll be maintaining it this semester -- I don't want these Ws to jeopardize my chances of transfer.</p>

<p>all college class taken regardless from whatever years will ultimately be discovered once they (ur future next college) check your social. send in all transcripts. further questions regarding w's--check out my thread i made while back</p>

<p>What Ws? You said it doesn't show up on your transcript- you withdrew before you actually got a W. Not that it matters, since the UCs REALLY don't care about Ws.</p>

<p>If you are unsure report it. I have 12 W's on my record yet I got accepted by UCB, UCLA and UCSD this year. Don't sweat it bruh.</p>

<p>if it's not on your transcript, you shouldn't report it...i don't even think they'd want to be bothered lol</p>

<p>As one of my math teachers would have said, if you drop before the "without a W" deadline, then your ever being in the class is your little secret with the CC.</p>

<p>They don't report the W for a reason, I want to say it has to do with funding but I don't have the evidence to back it up.</p>