question about EC/activities/awards section

<p>When I'm filling out ^, how detailed should I be?</p>

<p>and when they ask for only significant ones, does that mean i shouldn't list clubs?</p>

<p>Just put down the most important ones. Those might be clubs; those might not. For me, the most important and significant EC I've done was chess team/chess club. Doesn't have to be that detailed, just do your best to show what the activities are, if they're not obvious. If you are president of math team, you could probably stop there, but if you do something that might require detail, then you might consider a sentence or two in additional info.</p>

<p>Do you think it looks bad if I write very little(becuase it has to be most significant)? or vise versa(write too much useless stuff)?</p>

<p>I'm trying to aim for most significant things, but if 6 spots will make sure to fill 5-6 spots, even if last 1 or 2 aren't totally significant. It's bad to only have one spot filled of 6 spaces, but it's just as bad to add an additional page with stuff like National Honor Society, Spanish Club member, etc (no leadership).</p>

<p>On my online application I have unlimited space so it's hard to resist start writing alot about my EC. Two more questions, is it important to note how many hours I have done a acivity such as volunteer work? Also, if I mention one of the activities in my essay, can I just write please refer to essay when I mention it on the EC section?</p>