Question about emory's transfers

<p>If you are transferring as a Junior, then will they require your high school transcript and also your SAT scores?</p>

Applicants who have attended another college must have withdrawn voluntarily from the college last attended and must be eligible to return to that institution. Emory College does not accept students who already have an undergraduate degree. Official transcripts must be submitted from the student’s high school and from each of the colleges previously attended; transcripts sent by the applicant cannot be accepted without verification. Evaluation of college transcripts will occur only after acceptance. Applicants must also submit scores on the SAT, given by the College Entrance Examination Board, or on the ACT, administered by the American College Testing Program. Applicants must also submit a recommendation from a faculty member.


<p>Transfer</a> Admission | Emory College of Arts and Sciences</p>

<p>I googled "emory transfer" and this was the first link. :/</p>