Question about filling out PROFILE

<p>Ok, so I'm having my dad fill out the Profile form. He gets to the question about how much my parents expect to contribute to my college education, and immediately enters 0. His reasoning: "Well, I would prefer to pay 0." To me, that didn't seem right. Good? Bad? Strategy for answering this question?</p>

<p>BUMP- anyone??? it has to be to the college by nov 15, so i need HELP!!!....</p>

<p>what is your EFC?
FAFSA which you can file January 1st will give your estimated financial contribution.
The EFC seems to be about 1/4 to 1/5th oof after tax income for many.
Since you need to fill out PROFILE be aware that PROFILE takes into account assets and expenses FAFSA does not. Many private colleges want both. THey will also expect your contribution to be at least $1000-$2000, as that is what the student contribution from summer work is expected to be.
Don't worry too much about PROFILE, you are filling it out with estimated numbers, and while you can't make corrections, you can give updated documentation to the college you want to attend after you have the "real" numbers.
Just make it as accurate as you can, families are expected to support their childs education and admitting you don't want to pay anything, doesn't make you look very cooperative ( unless your EFC is 0 )</p>

<p>I think that particular Profile question is kind of a "trick" question. It must be intended to elicit sort of an opening bid or offer on the student's part. If the cost of attendance is $25K, and the student/parents say they expect to pay $10K, then the college knows it need not offer any more than $15K to make itself a contender for that student. Or if it really wants that student, that $20K will make it attractive, etc.</p>

<p>I would say the way to answer would be to figure your estimated EFC and put a figure slightly less than EFC in that Profile answer. That way you won't start too high.</p>