Question about Foothill

<p>Hi i was recently placed in foothill</p>

<p>and I was just wondering how the buildings are numbered.</p>

<p>I am in building 7 of foothill</p>

<p>I tried researching about each individual buildings of foothill and no luck</p>

<p>so how is building 7 like</p>

<p>and one more thing... if i signed up saying i dont mind smokers</p>

<p>does this mean that I will be living full of floor of smokers? (i guess cigarettes...?)</p>

<p>which I don really mind but that would be a little intimidating for non-smokers right? (as i am)</p>

<p>Building 7 has an elevator, which will be nice when you move in =]</p>

<p>thank you gobears2013</p>


<p>so building 7 is just like other buildings right? not like they put all smokers in there or something like that??</p>

<p>Lol not at all. Smoking isn't allowed inside the dorms. To smoke in Foothill you would have to go to the Octagon which is a grassy area outside. I guess it's kind of in front of Building 7. But yeah it's just like any other building (with the exception of Building 9 - WiSE).</p>