Question about foreign language requirement

<p>So, I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and I heard that you can self-place yourself into any class for Spanish. Does that mean I can place myself into Spanish 3 at UCLA and take only one quarter to meet the requirement? What year do students typically get rid of the foreign language requirement?</p>

<p>Assuming you test into spanish 3, can you only take one quarter>?</p>

<p>@OP: Yes, everyone's different.</p>

<p>@wahine: Yes.</p>

<p>I took up to Spanish 4 honors in high school but opted not to take the 5th level AP class and no AP either. I came to UCLA, took the placement test, placed into level 4 and I'm exempt from the requirement. Somewhere down the line, I might decide to pick it up again, but it's never worth waking up for an 8AM class (Spanish 3 timeslot for fall 2009 and the Spanish 5 AP class at my high school).</p>

<p>do you recommend that we take foreign language our freshman year or later on?</p>

<p>I'm waiting, hoping that the requirement will be rescinded. If you took three years in high school it's possible that you could pass the placement test. You could probably do some review beforehand to increase the odds.</p>

<p>I emailed a some lady about that when the article on "a meeting" regarding the foreign language requirement came out in the Daily Bruin. By her tone, it sounded like it wasn't going away anytime soon.</p>

<p>Yeah, ThisCouldBeHeaven, I wouldn't be too hopeful. They're just pushing placement tests on us. Admittedly, it could be an effective strategy. -.-</p>

<p>I was going to add that it probably wasn't going to change, but it did seem possible before they dropped the last science class.</p>

<p>Is the Hindi-Urdu placement exam hard? And what does it mostly focus on? I have some background in speaking with my relatives, but I don't know how to read or write. I'm curious if I have any chance on placing into level 2 or higher...</p>

<p>Is it a bad idea to just self-place myself into Spanish 1 and just take the whole damn year and hopefully get a GPA boost from it? I went up to spanish 3 in high school, and I need the gpa boost, especially since I'm premed. Also, why the hell is the placement test AFTER class sign ups? >:(</p>

<li>Why would they have the placement test in the summer when very few people are around to take it?</li>
<li>You don't need to do it if you self-place into Spanish 1</li>