question about gpa, much appreciated

<p>i am currently enrolled in a school from toronto, so i do understand that during my application process, the weight of my gpa at my school will differ when transferred into the usa gpa system. </p>

<p>i will be applying to columbia specifically for the m. arch I degree (as i am working towards my interior design degree) next fall. by the time next fall comes, i will only complete 3 years (or 6 semesters) of school. i will only get one year of upper level grades completed by the time i send out my application and other added requirements. </p>

<p>what i am really afraid of is my chance of not being able to be admitted into the school due to a lower overall gpa in my first 2 years of interior design. that said, i dont even have enough for them to even consider me. i must have nearly perfect grades for my 3rd year to get a decent gpa.</p>

<p>the only marks i am super proud of are my studio design marks, as it is weighted double than the other grades. </p>

<p>so to finalize what i am trying to get across:</p>

<p>does columbia university (specifically gsapp) look at the overall gpa of the credits they recieve on my transcript (years 1-3) or do they look at my upper level gpa in my 3rd year?</p>

<p>they generally consider overall gpa but if your transcript shows vast improvement then that could work in your favor a little.</p>