Question about GPA on Common App

<p>My school's GPA is normally on a 5 scale, but with honors/APs, one can max out at a 6.0 GPA. On Common App, should I write that our school has a 5.0 scale or a 6.0 scale, and, also, should I mark it as unweighted or weighted?</p>

<p>Out of 5.0</p>

<p>you have the same situation as me:) I wrote it as a weighted scale. you could check your school's handbook to check whether the GPA is unweighted or weighted.</p>

<p>"If your school calculates both weighted and unweighted Class Rank/GPA, report the weighted value. If your school does not calculate a cumulative numerical GPA, or if it uses a GPA scale that is different than the options available in the dropdown menu, leave the Cumulative GPA field blank." </p>

<p>The above was Common Apps direct response. Hope it helps =)</p>

<p>Same situation here. Put down 5.0 weighted :)</p>

<p>Yep, 5.0 weighted is the correct response. If you still aren't sure (or want validation) you can always check with your high school counselor, but keep in mind that everything on the Common App is self-reported; your transcript will include all of the actual information, so don't fret.</p>