Question about GPA

<p>How is GPA converted from out of 100 to out of 4.0? For example, I have seen some say that a 96 is a 3.6 while I have seen others say that a 96 is a 4.0</p>

<p>For most purposes, your 96 should convert to an A which then converts to a 4.0 on the common 4.0 scale (unweighted) or at least that is how the only adcom I have spoke to about told me "they" would do it. If an A at your school is 94 and up and you have never made less than a 94, you have a 4.0 uw. Anything different would penalize the numerically graded-substantially, I might add. To do anything else would make those who are only scored with the letter grade A really stand out with their "cross the board" 100's.</p>

<p>yeah a 96 is a 4.0, it couldn't be a 3.6,</p>

<p>if my average is a 94 and at my school an A is considered a 92.5-96.5 (with anything above that being an A+). so what is a 94 on a 4.0 scale? is that also a 4.0 cuz it is considered an A, or not?</p>

<p>O.K. You stumped me. Got nothing for you. Check with a college you are considering. Jeez they make this stuff hard.</p>

<p>does anyone at all know the answer to this gpa question?</p>