Question about GPA

<p>When I was a Junior In High school I took Spanish 102 at my community college and got a C. It isn't going to be one of the classes that I need to transfer and I will have enough units without it. I know it will be on my transcript, but when I fill out my application I can exclude this class, right? Will the G.P.A that the UC initially focus on be the one on my transcript or the one i send them?</p>

<p>You cannot exclude that grade from your application. If they find out you lied about your GPA you probably will get rescinded when they get your transcripts.</p>

<p>If the class is not UC transferable don't worry about the C.</p>

<p>but what if i have 60 units and my IGETC and major requirements w/o that course? Do i still need to include it?</p>

<p>Yes, you will have to include ** ALL ** of your college courses that you have attempted, regardless whether it is transferable or not.</p>

University</a> of California - Counselors</p>

Is there ever a case when a student should not report prior collegiate academic work on the application?</p>

<pre><code>No. Students must always report all prior collegiate academic work on the UC application. This includes any college or university work done outside of the United States. Students are often reluctant to show academic work that is several years old, or work that may reflect weak study habits. But no matter how old or strong the academic record, students must report all prior work.


<p>Wouldn't that be awesome if we could just apply with the 60 units that we liked...</p>

<p>my advice is to contact the UC that you going to attend. 2 months ago, i have a same situation like you. I forgot to report my non-transferable courses i took during my high school career. However, one day i found out i need to put that on my UC application when a student asked a random question during the UC Berkeley representative presentation. THen i contact UCBerkeley and UCLA immediately, fortunately thoses course arent UC transferable, UCB and UCLA did not rescinde my admission. So, sooner or later they will find out when they use the Greenhouse system to check your academic history, be wise to not hide anything from UC</p>

<p>@bulenight- your situation is not at all like the OPs. You forgot to put a non transferable class. He wants to not put a transferable class because he's embarrassed of the grade.</p>

<p>hahahaha, yeah, they'll use the "Greenhouse" system to check your academic history. hahaha they will water your grades and plant seeds on them. hhhaha. bule, i'm sure you meant Clearinghouse, right? haha greenhouse.</p>

you mean "clearinghouse"?

<p>it's a C...just put it on. it's not gonna make or break you. explain it in your comments section.</p>